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Could it be? The First Human Male Pregnancy.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

According to, In the years since the first "test tube baby" was born in 1978, physicians and scientists from RYT Hospital have been working to develop a viable technique for the successful impregnation of male individuals. Mr. Lee Mingwei is the first human subject to attempt this procedure.


See the documentary video below.


Oral doses of female hormones were administered to Mr. Lee to make him receptive to the pregnancy.

IVF techniques were used to induce an ectopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, just under or into the peritoneum (the surrounding lining).

Once implantation was complete, Mr. Lee stopped taking hormones, because the pregnancy itself, as expected, took over. The embryo secretes sufficient hormones to maintain its own growth and development.

The duration of the pregnancy has been surprisingly normal, i.e. fetal heart monitoring, chorionic villus sampling, ultrasound scanning (as seen on this web site), and a constant watch over Mr. Lee’s health and his enlarging stomach.

The delivery will requires open surgery (Cesarean section) to remove the baby and the placenta. Removal of the placenta is the real danger because it forms such intimate connections with surrounding vessels that massive hemorrhage is likely. Several physicians who are well-accustomed to advanced and dangerous forms of ectopic pregnancies will be on-hand to handle complications.

Please note that RYT Hospital is not accepting new patients for this procedure. Male pregnancy is still in its experimental stage and will not be available to the public in the immediate future.

For further information, please visit their website at

So how long did we have you going? Happy April Fool’s Day!

Virgil Wong aka Mr. Lee Mingwei is a multimedia artist who creates installations, films and paintings that visualize future medical technologies. Beginning April 3, 2008, Wong’s RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center multimedia installation will be on display at the art gallery of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Click here for more information on this art exhibit and the artist, click here.

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Update: We hope you all enjoyed your April Fool’s Day. Thank you for all the emails and we’re glad you all found it entertaining…And yes it had us going too when we first saw it.