Let’s talk diapers

April 4th, 2013

Cloth vs. disposable diapers. There is no ONE right answer to this question. Like so many other parenting choices it comes down to what fits your family and lifestyle best. As a parent that has taken both these routes I had complied a few pros and cons for each of them. Just a little background I have had two little boys in diapers for the last two years and still switch back and forth between cloth and disposable to better fit our needs.

The skinny on cloth:


  • they are not as intimidating as you thinks and actually really cute
  • if cared for correctly they will easily grow with your little one well into potty training and even future babies
  • better for the environment
  • they will save you money since you don’t have to restock (warning: cloth diaper purchasing can get a little addictive so if  you are choosing this route to save money be aware that it can sometimes be hard to not purchase cute new prints)
  • can often be better for babies skin. (this was actually the main reason I did the switch since my youngest son has really sensitive skin and is prone to rashes.)


  • they are extra loads of laundry you have to wash.
  • the initial investment may be pricey (although you will save in the long run)
  • they require a little more care. Special laundry detergent as well as cloth diaper friendly rash cream
  • changing cloth when out is little more work and requires you to keep soiled diapers and cloth wipes with you
  • they are more bulky to pack

The skinny on disposables


  • you can purchase anywhere
  • they are easy to dispose and change when out
  • they are less bulky to pack in a diaper bag


  • you will constantly have to restock which means you will spend a lot more money
  • there is a lot more waste
  • some babies may be sensitive to chemicals in these diapers

Like mentioned before this is a choice that has to suite the whole family. We hope that this list will help you make you make the decision a little more easy for you. Happy diapering.


Leslie is a fashion major, turned preschool art teacher, turned stay at home mom. She enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, photographing and documenting her family memories on her blog Cute and Peculiar.


How to Swaddle a Baby

April 1st, 2013

Even if you aren’t a parent we are familiar with pictures of newborns all bundled up in a swaddle blanket. Though not all babies are fond of swaddling it seem that a great deal are. So how do you get your baby all wrapped up like a tiny little burrito? There are a few different ways. First you can take a traditional swaddle blanket and learn how using the video above or if  that looks a little too complicated there are a few easy swaddle alternatives like THIS one, or THIS one.

The decision comes down to what works best for you and your baby. Sometimes a nice swaddle will settle you baby enough to maybe sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep and in those very exhausting early months it’s at least worth a try.


Spring is in the Air

March 21st, 2013

Spring is finally here. Warmer weather, sundresses and of course fresh cut flowers. There is always something so nice about having a little bit of nature indoors but making simple arrangements look nice can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite floral arrangements, they are so easy you don’t have to be a professional  florist to accomplish.

A white tray with various sized bottles would look so lovely as a centerpiece.

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a mason jar some pom pom ribbon and one type of flower , simple and so lovely

(image via)

Takeout boxes you can get at a craft store and tupils would be so lovely for a spring brunch table

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Succulents and a painted tin can. So simple but to chic

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