Let the makeup come to you

June 18th, 2013

One of the things the things that changed the most when I became a mother was the way I shop. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling the mall taking my time at the beauty counters testing out different products. These days it’s more of a get in and get out process with a  strategic plan of the most efficient route to get the things I need or of course there are the rare but much appreciated times when I get to shop alone. Needless to say motherhood makes life different but oh so rewarding.

This doesn’t mean that my days of sampling great products are over, it just means I have to go about in a different way. Thank goodness for the internet and some great companies, I can now get samples delivered straight to my door.

Monthly subsciption services are a huge trend, ranging from shoes to makeup and so much more.

How they work: Sign up, (many have cutomizable options that give them a better feel of what you may like.) Pay a monthly charge and you get a variety of deluxe sample products delivered to you. Some even have a loyalty system, so if you loved the products and want the full size version they will discount the cost.

Here are some of the most popular Beuaty Sample subscriptions

Beauty Army

Birch Box

Glossy Box


I love that in today’s world you really don’t have to compromise style and beauty for lack of time. Now if only jean shopping could be this simple.


So you just had your baby and  you are on cloud nine (and sleep deprived) and you can’t wait to take those adorable pictures of your little one asleep peacefully in some adorable position. But just how do you accomplish that? What should you expect, and where are these pictures going to be taken? What about being naked, are they going to pee or worse??? I have to admit that the whole scenario always left me a little intimidated. Lucky for all you I found a great person to answer all these questions and give you a few tips of what to expect from a newborn session. Heidi Helser is an amazing photographer based out of  Oregon and not only does she loves to take pictures she goes beyond in order to connect with everyone at the session to help them feel comfortable and ultimaltly looking their best. We like that!

Here are the top five things you should know before doing a newborn session

1.  Be prepared for your photographer to work with you for a while!  2 to 4 hours is very common.  I always give my clients a heads up that I will be at their homes for a while…  so order a pizza and be prepared to hang out .  I often have clients tell me, “Oh but my baby sleeps so good, it shouldn’t take more than an hour!”  Guess what?  Even the best sleepers take a few hours.  Why does it take so much time?  It takes time to redo each “set”…  if you are expecting/wanting more than one back drop and poses we want to give you lots of options to chose from.  It takes time to calm your teeny tiny.  Your new little one is a good sleeper, but is used to sleeping on your chest, in your arms, in a swing, or in a cocoon of blankets.  It’s a whole different story to get your newborn curled up in a basket, with a cute hat on their head, naked, looking peaceful.  But its so worth it!  They need some extra snuggles and love.  It takes some time and patience.

2.  Be prepared to comfort feed your baby.  It doesn’t matter if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  Your baby is going to want to comfort feed quite a bit during your session.  This also adds to the amount of time a session takes {see number 1!}.  The newborn photography session is probably the most stimulating activity your baby has done since birth.  Your tiny will want some extra snuggles and food.  We don’t mind waiting for a satisfied baby.

3.  Have your home photo ready.  I know how hard it is to have a newborn baby.  I know.  I have a four year old and I am well aware of how hard it is to adjust to being a parent and keeping up the house. Your home is the backdrop for your photos.  You want your home to be portrait worthy and ready.  Clean the clutter off the counters, run the vacuum, sweep and mop.  It doesn’t have to be perfect….  Just tidy.  Grandmas and friends  are really good for this task!

4.  There is probably going to be bodily fluids happening.  It’s okay.  We don’t mind.  It happens every time.  Everything is washable.  Really, it’s okay.  I Promise.

5.  Sometimes it’s easier to take a step back and let us snuggle your baby.  Your baby loves you so much.  You are their everything.  They want to be held by you, and smell you, and it’s wonderful.  And sometimes that makes our job a little challenging because they won’t calm down until you pick them up and love on them.  Sometimes it’s easier to take a step back and let the photographer snuggle your baby and calm them down.  They will eventually settle down and curl up in that sweet ball in a basket like we were hoping {we’ll call you in if we can’t handle it!}  And guess what?  We love it.  It’s the best part of our job.  We will secretly smell your baby and kiss their cheeks when you aren’t looking…  Well, I will anyway!


Heidi Helser is a photographer in Oregon.  She specializes in portraits, lifestyle, and wedding photography.  She is also the featured photographer/President of The Breastfeeding Initiative.  Heidi Helser Photography is a well sought after photographer in the Willamette Valley.  She recently received a bronze medal in the “Best of the Mid Willamette Valley”.   Newborn portraits are a passion that she is always pursing.

For more examples of Heidi’s work or to schedule a session be sure to Like on Facebook

** all images C/O Heidi Helser photography all rights reserved**


Fun and Easy Picnic Ideas

May 21st, 2013

With spring still upon us and summer right around the corner what better way to take advantage of this weather than to pack a meal and head outside. Whether you have an newborn that will simply sleep  through it or a infant that will be content with just a few toys while playing on a blanket we all get the benefit of spending time outside and getting some fresh air.

If you have older toddlers or kids that may need a little more excitement in your picnic outing, we have compiled a few of our favorite picnic activities for toddlers.

  1. A fun birthday picnic idea (via a glittering muffin)
  2. this easy and fun picnic tray perfect of backyard play dates (via JDANIEL4’sMOM)
  3. While your in the backyard why not pitch a tent (via connecting family and seoul)
  4. If you need a little more dining ideas here are 16 more (via connecting family and seoul)
  5. What about taking those stuffed animals outside for a teddy bear picnic? (via east coast mommy)
  6. Do you have a little one who loves books? Great list of picnic themed books ( via what do we do all day?)

What kind of things do you enjoy doing outside with your little ones?