Winners of Bumble’s Ask the Doctors Contest!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 at 7:49 pm

This month, our host Dr. Sal Maya tackled the myths associated with epidurals and informs moms on the truth about epidurals. Our host, Dr. Sal Maya receives questions daily from moms on subjects ranging from fertility to pediatric questions. Each month, the doctor chooses a question that he feels has mass interest and posts the feature in the Ask the Doctors section.

We asked moms to share their thoughts on epidurals and whether they thought the post was informative and helpful. Thank you to all who entered our Ask the Doctor’s contest.

Each winner will receive a Natalie travel tote bag. It’s great for traveling and perfect for moms with multiple children. It features hidden compartments, a larger changing pad and dual insulated bottle pockets. We are donating 20% of the profits from the sale of this bag to Horizons for Homeless Children.

And the winners of a Natalie Travel Tote in a print of their choice is:

(Drumroll please):

I was impressed with the straightforward tone of the article. I reserved my right to ask for an epidural if I needed one with both my pregnancies but managed to deliver both kids without one. But it’s nice to know more about the procedure.
As a sidenote: the Natalie looks really useful for toddler and infant. Plus it’s gorgeous! I love the buttercup bliss and lemon lime dot prints.

Erin M.-
Thank you so much for posting this great information!! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with twins and had several questions regarding the procedure, this answered most of those questions.


Sara E.-
I enjoyed this article–it really gave me a lot of information about epidurals. There is so much to consider when making a birthing plan. You really have to think about what is right for your body. This article helped clear up some misconceptions, rumors that are frequently circulated during pregnancy, and answered questions I had.

I think we could use more non-partial information so the pregnant world will be able to understand–correctly–what is happening with their bodies, and are therefore able to know what birthing plans to make. Thank you!

Thank you again to all who entered and we invite you to ask your questions for our host Dr. Sal Maya here.

Have a great weekend and be on the lookout for future contests.

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