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Wanna know The Truth About Epidurals? Plus A Contest!!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008 at 11:10 pm

This month’s Ask the Doctors Monthly Feature tackles the myths associated with epidurals and informs moms on the truth about epidurals. There is so much misinformation surrounding epidurals and I found this article extremely insightful and chock full of great information.

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Our host, Dr. Sal Maya receives questions daily from moms on subjects ranging from fertility to pediatric questions. Each month, the doctor chooses a question that he feels has mass interest. Since the beginning of Ask the Doctors… It seems that the #1 questions on mom’s minds is on epidurals.

Some questions we’ve received are as follows:

I’ve always heard about epidurals, but I’m not really sure if it’s for me. What can you tell me about them? – Christine H.

I am so scared about having to get a epidural. It just seems soooooo scary. Does it hurt?- Kelly M.

I’ve heard that if I don’t get an epidural early on then I might not be able to get one at all. Is that true?- Marie S.

Definitely check out this month’s monthly feature. I really think that you’ll find it very useful.

Plus do you have a question for Dr. Sal Maya. Then feel free to submit your question here. You may find your question soon becomes a monthly feature for all moms to read about.

And we know you love contests…… So here we go! Win a Bag!! Leave a comment and win a bag!!

Did u find this month’s monthly feature of Ask the Doctors on "The Truth About Epidurals" useful? What did you think? Did you find it helpful? We want to hear your thoughts? Leave a comment here on this blog by January 31, 2008. We will post the winners on Feb 2, 2008. We will choose 3 lucky winners to win one our brand new Natalie Travel Tote bags.

The Natalie is the perfect travel tote and includes features such as hidden compartments, a larger changing pad and dual insulated bottle pockets. We are donating 20% of the profits from the sale of this bag to Horizons for Homeless Children.

So Good Luck and for those preggie moms… Happy Pushing!


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14 Responses to “Wanna know The Truth About Epidurals? Plus A Contest!!”

  1. Monica Risters says:

    Very insightful. I am 8 mths and the countdown is on. Thanks for the info. Plus cute shirt!

  2. Taylor says:

    Thank you for posting about epidurals. It’s almost time for me and thank goodness for epidurals. Very helpful Ask the Doctor feature this month.

  3. Alice S says:

    Great article. Seems to be very thorough and honest. I had an epidural with both deliveries. It was great, though made pushing hard because of the numbness.

  4. Amy says:

    Some great information! I was so thankful for my epidural with my first child. Unfortunately , I didnt make it to the hospital in time for my other two!

  5. Erin M. says:

    Thank you so much for posting this great information!! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with twins and had several questions regarding the procedure, this answered most of those questions.

  6. Kyle says:

    Very informative. Thanks for the info.

  7. Sara E says:

    I enjoyed this article–it really gave me a lot of information about epidurals. There is so much to consider when making a birthing plan. You really have to think about what is right for your body. This article helped clear up some misconceptions, rumors that are frequently circulated during pregnancy, and answered questions I had.

    I think we could use more non-partial information so the pregnant world will be able to understand–correctly–what is happening with their bodies, and are therefore able to know what birthing plans to make. Thank you!

  8. Kimberly B. says:

    Good information, but I’m adopting so I guess I can file the info away for our birthmom. Thanks!!

  9. Megan K says:

    This is packed full of great information. I did have an epidural with my 5 month old and was so thankful for it! I wish I could have known all this information then…I had so many questions!

  10. Laurel says:

    I did not have an epidural with my first two children and had great experiences with both of their deliveries. I was definitely prejudiced against epidurals. However, with my third pregnancy, I decided to have one to allow me to sleep while I was laboring. Again, I had a great experience with my delivery! I believe that every delivery is different and if it fits your needs – go for it!

  11. Shelley Thomas says:

    I had an epidural with the vaginal delivery of my 9lb 9oz baby girl. It was wonderful. It allowed me to sleep during the labor and I could enjoy her once she was here. I think the article was great and explained a lot of the negative responses I’ve heard.

  12. Amber Lamb says:

    I was terrified to get an epidural, but when the time came I was begging for one! I am glad I kept an open mind about it.

  13. Natalie M says:

    Good information, I passed this onto a few of my friends that were terrified of an epidural…personally my epidural was a life savor. I labored for 12 hours without one and finally just needed the sleep so I could push out the baby!

  14. Morissa says:

    Great article! I’m expecting twin girls (anytime!) and I didn’t realize that an epideral was an option for c-section! I attempted an all natural delivery with my son, but was so releaved by the option to have an epideral (which I decided to do) & the delivery was so positive and much more relaxed. It’s nice to have the options. Thanks for all the great info . . .

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