Bumble Contest! What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Thursday, December 27th, 2007 at 9:59 am

It’s that time of the year again. The new year is right around the corner. New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Here are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions along with some tips for support:

1- Be In Touch More W/ Family & Friends- Keep in contact with your loved ones by using the Ojo personal video phone.

2- Fit in Fitness- Check with your local mall to join a mall walking group.

3- Tame the Bulge- Contact your local gym to find a personal trainer to help you whittle your waist.

4- Quit Smoking- Contact the North American Quit Line Consortium for personal support in your area.

5- Enjoy Life More- Try taking up a new hobby like cooking. Contact gourmet stores like Sur La Table or your local community college for a cooking class.

6- Quit drinking- A growing number of restaurants are recognizing the demand for fine non-alcoholic beverages. Take a second look at the menu next time.

7- Take Control of Your Finances- Look over your credit card report at least once a year. You get one free report a year.

8- Learn a New Language- Check out Rosetta Stone audio cd’s. Perfect even if you want to pick up a few quick phrases for your next vacation.

9- Help Others- Contact a local organization to see how you can get involved. We like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

10- Get Organized- Check out Organize Magazine for tips on how to stay organized year round.

Now that you’ve heard the list of the Top 10 Resolutions. We want to hear your resolution!

It’s a Bumble Contest!

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We wish you and your family the very best in the new year!


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