Fun and Easy Picnic Ideas

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 8:32 pm

With spring still upon us and summer right around the corner what better way to take advantage of this weather than to pack a meal and head outside. Whether you have an newborn that will simply sleep  through it or a infant that will be content with just a few toys while playing on a blanket we all get the benefit of spending time outside and getting some fresh air.

If you have older toddlers or kids that may need a little more excitement in your picnic outing, we have compiled a few of our favorite picnic activities for toddlers.

  1. A fun birthday picnic idea (via a glittering muffin)
  2. this easy and fun picnic tray perfect of backyard play dates (via JDANIEL4’sMOM)
  3. While your in the backyard why not pitch a tent (via connecting family and seoul)
  4. If you need a little more dining ideas here are 16 more (via connecting family and seoul)
  5. What about taking those stuffed animals outside for a teddy bear picnic? (via east coast mommy)
  6. Do you have a little one who loves books? Great list of picnic themed books ( via what do we do all day?)

What kind of things do you enjoy doing outside with your little ones?

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