And the winners are…..

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 1:26 pm

It was hard to choose just three, but the winners of this year’s 2007 Halloween cutie contest are:

Skunk aka "Lil Stinker"
Kaidin Stein, Irvine, CA
20 months old

The Pumpkin
This is Annabel’s first Halloween.

The Bumble Bee
Ava Lee, Billerica, MA
2 years old

The winners of the Halloween Cutie contest will win a Bumble Bag!!

We want to thank all of this year’s entries. The amount of entries was astounding and we had so much fun going through all the pictures you sent in of your Halloween cuties.

Note: The contest ended Nov 7, 2007. We were planning on announcing the winners on Nov 9, 2007. However because of the overwhelming amount of entries we decided to announce it one day earlier. No sense in making you wait any longer. Hope you enjoy.

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