The Launch

Friday, October 5th, 2007 at 9:12 pm

We are excited to announce the launch of “The Bumble Collection”, the name of our new umbrella company that will allow us to broaden our growth into other areas in the children’s industry. The Bumble Collection will be the new name of our company and will for now, consist of three different product lines including Buzz, Bumble etc., and of course Bumble Bags.

We are very excited about the launch of Buzz, by the Bumble Company. Buzz is an entirely new collection of designer-driven diaper bags, with touches from its sister line of Bumble Bags but available at a more accessible price point. Buzz will allow more mothers to take advantage of our products, and have the look, feel and functionality of a designer diaper bag but at about half the cost of a Bumble Bag. Buzz will be hitting stores in December 2007.

Bumble etc. is our new line of accessories that will not only offer our changing kits and car seat covers, but new for Fall 2007- our snack bags. Bumble etc. will focus on accessories for Bumble Bags and include a whole new line of lifestyle products. Bumble etc. will be hitting stores in December 2007.

We plan to continue our growth with Bumble Bags as this month we introduce a new diaper bag, “The Natalie”. The Natalie was designed for mothers with multiple children who require more space in a diaper bag. Bumble Bags will continue their tradition that for the past five years has brought original hand-designed prints, with water resistant/stain resistant fabrics that come together for a not only fashionable, but durable diaper bag. Bumble Bags Natalie Bag will be hitting stores in December 2007.

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