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Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 6:00 am CEO, Tony Hseih, was interviewed on The Oprah Show yesterday for an episode about young millionaires turning their passions into fortunes.

As Oprah reports… At the age of 22 Tony Hseih and his college roommate started an Internet marketing company. Two years later, they sold the company for $265 million dollars! Instead of retiring, Tony decided to invest in an online shoe store called A year later, Tony became the CEO and hasn’t looked back since.


Based out of Henderson, Nevada, is home to about 800 employees, with an additional 800 employees at the warehouse in Kentucky. Tony says their work environment focuses on team and family, which is why he chooses to sit in a cubicle. "I don’t want to be someone that’s just off in a corner office somewhere and employees feel that I am not approachable," Tony says

Members of our Bumble staff have visited the offices in Henderson, Nevada. "It is truly a great work environment and it’s obvious that the Zappos CEO cares about his employees to create such a warm and fun environment." says Bumble Creative Director Sal Maya. "They have catered meals, free vending machines and a game room. Who wouldn’t want to be there?"

Tony has been so successful that he’s been invited to speak at entrepreneurial conferences about helping other people reach their goals. "Do what you would be passionate about doing for 10 years, even if you didn’t make a single dime during those 10 years, you’ll end up happier," he says. "And kind of the ironic thing is if you do what you’re passionate about, the money will just naturally follow on its own."

Another benefit to finding your passion is that employees as well as customers can sense your excitement. "That’s how we’ve grown over the past nine and a half years is just through customers being very loyal…but not just loyal. … They’re actually spreading the word about Zappos," Tony says. "When they call us, they see that we’re real people and that we actually are passionate about the customer service and want to help them out." currently stocks more than 3 million shoes, handbags, clothing items and accessories from over 1,100 brands.To shop, click here. is also a authorized etailer of Bumble products. To shop Bumble, click here.

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