Bumble Pick: Preggie Moms Must Have

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 7:56 am

Pregnant moms everywhere can agree that with a expanding mid-section and a shrinking closet…. the best way to make use of your pre-pregnancy clothes is a belly band. One of our favorites is available at Nine Moons called Swelly Belly Maternity Band.

Swelly Belly Maternity Bands are super easy to use just put them over your head and slide them down over your belly and you’re good to go. They come in a wide range of prints and colors such as the Brown & Green Garden print pictured below. One of our faves!

The SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band can also be worn after you give birth if you would like to cover yourself while breast feeding. Just wear it as you did during your pregnancy, lift your shirt and breastfeed. You will feel comfortable exposing your belly while breastfeeding.

The folks over at Nine Moons would like to offer the Bumble readers a special discount of 10% off the Swelly Belly Maternity Bands.
Use promo code: BumbleCollection.


For more information on Nine Moons and Swelly Belly, click here.


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