Fun Baby Shower Ideas.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 at 6:00 am

So Tori Spelling just had her baby shower over the weekend.


Here’s she is featured at Hollywood’s Boom Boom Room. Here’s some fun baby shower ideas sure to wow your guests:

1- Spa Day: Turn the party into a total pampering event. Perfect for a mom who’s pregnant with her second child (who already has the baby necessities) and could use some babying herself. Ask guests to bring gifts to help mom chill out: a spa gift certificate, pajamas and loungewear, eye masks or rich hand-and-body lotion. Give everyone a pair of slippers to wear for the afternoon.

2- A Star is Born: Shower mom and her bump with all the attention a famous actor would get. That doesn’t mean you can’t gossip about odd celeb baby names and who has and hasn’t bounced back after giving birth. Lay down a red carpet and have a video camera set up to catch guests’ arrivals on film (they can have their 15 minutes of fame and record a good-luck message for the new family).

3- Bedtime Stories: Help build the baby’s library by centering the party on books. Suggest guests bring a copy of their favorite childhood page-turner, whether it’s for a baby, a toddler or an early-stage reader. All extras can be sent to a local women’s shelter. Each table can be designed after favorite authors: Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Shel Silverstein or Maurice Sendak. Try to mix in foods derived from titles and authors like "Blueberries for Sal" (blueberry muffins), "Lemony Snicket" (lemon meringue pie) or "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" (porridge, or maybe some oatmeal squares).

4- Tea Anyone: I love to sip herbal tea when curling up with a good book. Offer an array of tea bags and those fancy sugar sticks, plus some home-brewed iced tea. Small tea sandwiches — with the crusts cut off — are easy to prepare, and you can use just about any filling you like (PB&J, tuna and veggie).

Looking for some fun shower prizes for all those shower games you and your guests will play. How about Hannah snack bags in Lemon Lime Dot like Tori Spelling received above? It retails for $32 and keeps food warn or cold for up to five hours. Not just for baby, it’s perfect for lunches, too.

To purchase the Hannah Lemon Lime Dot, click here.

For more information on Tori Spelling’s baby shower, click here.


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