Bumble Pick: Top Vacation Hot Spots.

Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 6:00 am

Now that the weather is getting nice… we could start thinking about summer vacation. So where are the best family vacation spots. Check out our list below for some great fun in the sun.

Here is Bumble’s Top 5 Vacation Hot Spots:

1) Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge- Imagine opening up your bedroom drapes and seeing giraffes and zebras right outside your window. Thats how exactly how it will be. This is a very unique experience that the whole family will love. It’s an African inspired lodge where hundreds of exotic animals are steps away. It’s like being in the middle of a safari. This is one of our favorite Disney properties and it’s always a treat. No matter how many times you visit.

2) Atlantis Resort- A truly memorable way to spend time with your kids. Lots to do and never a dull moment. There is lots of activities around the resort including water slides, lazy rivers and scuba diving. You can enroll the little ones in Aqua Tots where they can learn about sea life and hold star fishes. If dolphins are your thing, visit the dolphin cay where you can spend an afternoon with dolphins. If you want to spend some time on your own, the hotel can arrange a great picnic lunch which you and the fam can take to the soft sand beaches of Atlantis.


3) Hilton Waikoloa Village- This place is unbelievable! Tons of great photo spots. You can snorkel or even rent a kayak and take it out in their man made lagoon. Every Friday evening, there is a luau with great live entertainment. You can even learn how to hula in the morning and be part of the festivities in the evening. If your kids (or even you) are interested in learning more about dolphins there is the Dolphin Learning Quest Tour. Looking to play some golf? Then visit their 36 hole championship golf course. Never a shortage for sunshine in the Aloha state and there is lots of beach chairs both poolside or on the beach.

4) Cancun Xcaret- An Eco Mayan theme park about 45 mins outside of Cancun, Mexico. It is definitely a day event. Plan on taking a long and very dusty bus ride out there. Its best to buy tickets in the city rather than the hotel. It’s cheaper. Once you get there, you should check out the underground snorkeling tour- one kilometer of awesome snorkeling, underwater caves and great sealife. There is also swimming with dolphins, hiking tours and an authentic Mayan dinner.


5) Niagara Falls-  Amazing! I highly recommend going during the summer.. Yes the crowds are huge, but the water volume is at it’s peak. The waterfall is so loud that if you’re standing close to the falls, you can barely hear the person next to you talk. If you can, plan to visit both the Canadian and the New York sides. Check out the Daredevil Museum why you’re there and the Maid of the Mist Tour.

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