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Waterfall Braid

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


With the summer heat, your hair can be hard to manage. Keeping your hair down can be hot and sticky if you’re spending a lot of time outside with the little ones, and sometimes a plain ponytail just isn’t enough to quench our thirst for a fun, summery style. This is a very beautiful and fun variation of a French Braid that is perfect for moms, teens, tweens, and little girls! This style is great for any occasion, whether it be to a play date, strolling on the beach or a night out on the town. Revamp that original french braid with this super cool Waterfall – French Braid.


1. Separate front section to not be included in braid + tie
2. French braid top section leaving the section underneath free + straight
3. After each plait leave a little section under the braid
4. Continue until al the way across the back
5. Plait all the way down the length of the hair and tie