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Happy Birthday To All of You Leap Day Babies!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

So it only comes every four years and today’s the day. Happy Birthday to all you Leap Day babies!!

So let’s start out by saying it correctly… Someone born on February 29 was born on Leap Day,or Leap Year Day. They were NOT born ON Leap Year.

So what is Leap Year?
A Leap Year is a year containing one or more extra days in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the  seasonal year. Seasons do not repeat at an exact number of full days, so a calendar which had the same number of days in each year would over time drift and not stay on track. So by occasionally inserting an additional day into the year, the drift can be corrected. Viola!

So why are Leap Day babies special?
It’s rare to be born on Leap Day. The odds are about 1 in 1461. That works out to 684 per million people are leap day babies.  And only  20,000 people in the USA are leap day babies.

When do Leap Day babies celebrate their birthday since it only comes every four years?
In Leap Years, they celebrate ON February 29th.In off years, they can celebrate on February 28th or some choose March 1st. The government accepts either date as valid. It’s up to them to decide.

So who celebrates a Leap Day birthday?
Here’s a few famous folks that celebrate today and one extra special one…
Ja Rule- Rapper
Tony Robbins-Motivational speaker
Antonio Sabato Jr.- Actor
and my dad!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!

Did you know that Leap Day babies have they’re own club. It’s called the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. So if today is your birthday then you are eligible to join, click here.


Things You Can Due!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Due offers more than just an awesome online shopping experience. Check out their "Due- O- Matic Calculators"!




All you need to know is the date of the beginning of your last period and enter that in the "Stork-O-Matic." Or tell the "Love-O-Matic" when you and your man got romantic. If you want to look back fondly on the date your baby was conceived but if there are too many happy occasions to know for sure, enter your baby’s due date and the "Jiggy-O-Matic" can tell you when he or she was probably conceived. The "Jiggy-O-Matic" is my personal favorite. So cute!

To check out other Things You Can Due, click here. Enjoy!

A Useful Innovation?? You be the Judge

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The International Courier reported that the Bebe-Matic is "a useful tool to help deal with the stress of the modern mother".


The polar teddy bear Bebe-Matic has been designed and manufactured in France (hence the French video below). It’s polar teddy bear that attaches to both the wall and the crib Bebe-Matic can be fitted to any kind of bed. A suitable set of wheels is optionally available on request.

(Sorry the video feed is in French, but if you wait for the action you’ll at least get the idea.)





The stimulator reproduces the exact rocking movement made in the parent’s arms.


A plug-in remote control starts the rocking period which does not last more than 10 minutes. According to one of their behavior study, this length of time is enough for the baby to fall asleep.

The rocking movements of the polar teddy bear are controlled by a plug-in remote control.

The Bebe-Matic makers claim that for the parent… "The mundane tasks are made easier-one can keep one’s hands free while baby is being rocked. You can carry on with your regular activities. You no longer have to carry baby in your arms for hours. You can get on with your housework quietly. After this break, you’ll feel fresher and be wanting to take care of your of your baby again".

I’m not so sure if this is a great invention or a "modern"invention that offers the parent the opportunity to disconnect from their child and lose out on some valuable parent-baby time.

What do you think?

Update: One Bumble News reader Christina asked "Is there information about the amount of pounds of pressure the bear exhibits?"
Our answer- I took another look at their website and came up empty handed. I couldn’t find that answer listed anywhere on their site. Here is their website address in case I missed it- However they do have a contact us page and I’m sure they would appreciate that question.